Manny Pacquiao: A Tale Of A Filipino Boxer

Manny Pacquiao: Filipino Boxing Champion Sports have been a passion for many. These activities have brought glory and success to many champions worldwide, like the filipino boxing champions. Various games are played in the Philippines like pole vault, kitesurfing, and multiple forms of martial arts. One of the prevalent sports in the Philippines is boxing….

Amature boxing Luisito Espinosa – Modern treands

Each of us has at least once seen a boxing match with the participation of professionals, when one defends his title, the second claims it. Such fights are usually accompanied by a bright performance, loud advertising and crazy ratings. However, not everyone has ever seen an amateur boxers fight. And after all, any star of…

Live stream boxing- myths and misconceptions

Boxing is a very spectacular sport that attracts the attention of many people. It is because of its entertainment, as well as its rigidity and some not quite humane principles that many legends and myths hover around boxing, which often turn out to be just an invention or delusion of incompetent third-party observers.

Boxingscene in a child’s life

One of the main keys to a person’s success is their upbringing. All the main character traits, morals and life principles are acquired in childhood, so it is important from the very beginning to instill in the child the qualities that you would like to see in it in the future. It is necessary to…

Amazing rules of professional boxing

Any sport has its own limitations and a set of rules that athletes must adhere to. Many sports disciplines have repeatedly changed their rules over time, adjusting to various factors, but boxing is not one of them. The first rules of boxing were adopted in 1867 in England by the Marquess of Queensberry. They consisted…

Boxing. How boxing news all started

Boxing is one of the most spectacular and expensive sports of our time. Bright spotlights, energetic music when boxers appear, beautiful girls with numbers of rounds, a powerful voice of the announcer – all these are attributes of modern professional boxing, which in our time is more of a bright show than boxing news.