Live stream boxing- myths and misconceptions

Boxing is a very spectacular sport that attracts the attention of many people. It is because of its entertainment, as well as its rigidity and some not quite humane principles that many legends and myths hover around boxing, which often turn out to be just an invention or delusion of incompetent third-party observers.

And the most basic is the opinion that boxing is:

  • the most brutal
  • traumatic sport

Why people watch boxing matches

Boxing matches look very cruel, but not everything is as terrible as described. Every boxer knows one immutable truth: the main thing is not to strike a blow, but to be able to protect yourself from it. In training, the importance of practicing defense techniques is as great as the attack. The boxer’s head is constantly protected, which means that the likelihood of serious injury is minimal. However, no one says that there are no injuries in boxing. Various sprains, dislocations and bruises are common for this sport, but they are everywhere. According to scientists, the chance of getting a serious injury is much higher for football players, especially if it is American football, snowboarders and other extreme athletes, as well as riders. So, boxing is not as scary as it is painted.

The second misconception is that boxers are mostly extremely narrow-minded people. It is true that many of them will never be able to win the Nobel Prize for their contributions to science, but this does not mean that they cannot be considered full members of society. And the fact that they are not so clever is the result of the fact that while the other children read books and studied in institutions, the boxer spent all his free time working out techniques and improving skills in the gym, so that now we can watch a fascinating spectacle on TV. In addition, in our time, many athletes are trying to develop in a variety of ways, get higher education, and some of them even have doctorates. There are many more illiterate and narrow-minded people on the streets who do not need boxing for this purpose.

It is also common to hear that boxers are the richest athletes. Naturally, any professional sport of our time is, first of all, a show. And where there’s a show, there’s a lot of money. However, it would be wrong to say that boxers get more than other athletes. Tennis players have much larger fees as well as some football players.

Who can be a boxer

They say that boxing is not a woman’s business. This is partly true. But this truth consists only in the fact that we are used to the fact that a woman is a tender and vulnerable being, who does not tolerate pain and cruelty. Scientists have determined that the female body is suitable for this sport much more, as it has flexibility and elasticity. There is also a myth that women’s boxing can disrupt the reproductive function. However, this fact was refuted, since it was proved that blows to the upper abdomen, allowed in boxing, do not affect the reproductive organs in any way. Moreover, there is a rule in women’s boxing to wear breast protectors before a fight, and professional athletes also undergo regular mandatory examinations by a mammologist.

Many beginners believe that boxing and knockout punch require a mountain of muscles and a huge mass. Mass does affect the impact force, but it is not the main factor. Muscle mass acquired in the gym, without combining with boxing training, is completely useless and even hinders. During power exercises, the athlete’s muscles are pinned down, losing their elasticity. As a result, we get the inability to deliver a quick and sharp boxing update blow. By the way, many experts believe that the most dangerous blow is from middleweight and welterweight boxers, since it can combine the speed of a lightweight boxer and the power of a heavyweight one.

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