Boxing. How boxing news all started

Boxing is one of the most spectacular and expensive sports of our time. Bright spotlights, energetic music when boxers appear, beautiful girls with numbers of rounds, a powerful voice of the announcer – all these are attributes of modern professional boxing, which in our time is more of a bright show than boxing news.

However, it has taken a lot of time to become such a kind of sport – about three thousand years. There are records that in the IV century BC boxing was officially included in the program of the ancient Olympic Games. Of course, that sport was not much like the current competition, but some aspects were still present. For example, ancient athletes wound leather bands on their fists before a fight, which served as a prototype of modern boxing gloves. The fight was held on a special platform that replaced the ring. Also, the referee was present at the match, but his significance was small. The only outcome of the fight was a knockout, which often resulted in the death of the fighter.

The average boxer of those times had about a thousand games during their career, as the modern punchers rarely cross the mark of a hundred – the reason for the fights was not sports excitement and the will to win, but personal hostility and disagreements with the opponent, which turned the fight into a brutal battle with broken ribs and other injuries. By the way, one of the recognized champions was the famous mathematician Pythagoras, who achieved considerable success in this field.

Time passed, fisticuffs were modified, equipment changed

The leather strips were replaced by a convolution of a brush, fortified with lead or iron. They were significantly heavier, and as a result, boxers had to learn a new technique based more on the protection of their body and the power of blows than on mobility and speed. Schools of fisticuffs were created, gaining popularity among people of various age groups. However, modern boxing appeared only at the dawn of the XVIII century in England. Its founder is considered by historians to be the famous fencer of that time, James Figg who opened the first school of professional fistfights, where he trained everyone.

This sport developed very slowly for another long half-century. There were no rules, boxers performed without gloves, there was no time limit and so on. It was not until 1865 that the first set of rules was issued by the Marquis John Douglas Queensberry and the journalist John Chambers, including the required glove weight, ring size, and number and length of rounds. These rules began to gradually gain popularity and eventually became firmly entrenched in this sport. The last fight without gloves was held in 1889, after which a new era of jhack tepora boxing began, which gave birth to great champions and gave many unforgettable moments.

The popularity of boxing

After a difficult period, when boxing was included and excluded from the program of the Olympic Games for several decades, since 1920 it still firmly took its place among the other sports disciplines, giving an impetus to the popularization of this sport at the amateur and professional levels. Nowadays, there are boxing schools in every country and city, where children from an early age are taught to hold a punch and cultivate a champion’s spirit and will to win. Having come a long way and overcome a lot of difficulties, boxing has come not just a sport, but a school, after which everyone is more confident and can cope with many troubles.

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