Student Builds Working Submarine

A high school student has managed to build a working submarine, writes Gizmodo’s Andrew Liszewski.

The inventive teenager, Justin Backerman, has already built a remote controlled cleaner, a home theater built into a helmet and now a submarine that can operate to a depth of nine meters. Liszewski said that compared to the science experiments being carried out by his peers, the creativity and skill shown by Backerman is remarkable.

The submarine was built using a three meter drain pipe that was sealed with large amounts of waterproof marine glue at both ends. Ballast tanks were added to enable the sub to descend and rise in a controlled fashion. Motors, audio and TV communication equipment were then added along with powerful lighting to allow Backerman to explore the floor of his local lake.

The device took just over six months to design and construct. As Justin used materials that he could scavenge, that total cost came to just under US$1,000.

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