Even States and Cities are Re-Branding

Re-branding isn’t just for large companies , states and cities all over the world are rethinking their image in an attempt to appeal to domestic and international tourists.

According to Gizmodo, these campaigns are increasingly popular as competition to draw in tourists, and their money, heats up. Some of the most interesting examples of regional re-branding include:

  • Amsterdam, the most recognizable city in the Netherlands, has increased its appeal and emphasized its individuality with a campaign called “I Amsterdam.” The play on the iPhone seems to have worked and giving the city a new image.
  • Colorado, the American mountain state, has long been trying to tell potential visitors that it has more to offer than skiing and camping. A new campaign called “Making Colorado” is designed to highlight the state’s increasingly sophisticated and cosmopolitan nature.
  • Shrewsbury is a quaint English town and has been trying to distinguish itself and attract tourists with “A Shrewsbury One-Off.” The idea is to showcase the town’s Tudor heritage and unique atmosphere with some old-fashioned English humor.

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