Biggest Obstacles in Thesis Writing

Biggest Obstacles in Thesis Writing

If you are not aware what a thesis is, you are in for a real treat. Now that you are in graduate school, you will understand that it is the ultimate challenge you will face in the years to come. Why? Because a thesis is a cumulative study of what you have learned since the day you first stepped into that classroom on your first day of graduate school.

A thesis will determine your competency to carry out intensive research based on your field of study. It is the final requirement after you get a passing grade in all your classes, complete your course assignments, and pass all your final exams. You must submit your thesis, defend it in front of a committee, and get a passing grade on it. Only then will you receive your PhD.

Even though a thesis only consists of a few parts, it should still be written properly, with credible resources and references, as well as actual experimentation, analysis, and data collection. It seems like a lot, right? But there is more to it than that. If you are about to start your dissertation, you better be prepared for all the challenges you fill face along the line.

What are the obstacles to thesis writing?

Writing a Thesis Statement

Composing an Impressive Thesis Statement

This may seem like a small detail considering the word statement, but it is actually the basis of your whole dissertation. Your thesis statement should be clear and concise. Its main purpose is to explain what your research is all about so that the panel can decide whether or not you have achieved your goal as a researcher. Your statement should not be a general dissection of an existing problem. It should be about something that is original, yet relatively specific in your line of study.

Doing an Extensive Amount of Research

You would think that Googling information is enough; however, you have to fact-check, cross-reference, and validate your research materials. If you end using false information, not only will you look bad, you will also fail graduate school. Research is a big deal because it will determine whether or not you are capable of gathering enough information that is useful enough to solve a problem once you set out on your career.

Collecting Data and Statistics

This then is the most tedious part of the theses writing process. If you do not have access to the proper data resources, you may find yourself having to do an independent data collection. This includes handing out surveys, calling people to ask them about their personal information and their answers to your questions, determining a relevant sample size – and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Luckily for you, this is the digital age and you can simply disseminate your survey all over the internet or place an ad for it on forums like Reddit.

These three may be the biggest hurdles of your dissertation writing process. At some point, you may even find yourself asking someone, “Can you write my dissertation for me?” or even buy theses to ease the workload. Just remember that as hard as the work can get, the rewards are surely greater.

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