How to Creatively Market with Booklets

How to Creatively Market with Booklets

One of the most effective and influential marketing strategies is brochure advertising. Many marketing experts agree that there is no better way to share a targeted and concise message to an audience and when brochure format is not adequately large, booklets are the ideal solution.

When something ‘more than a brochure’ is needed, booklets are perfect.

Booklets have the advantage of more space than a brochure being available. Booklets can effectively present a brand and promote its benefits. Typically, booklets are kept for longer than brochures too.

Typically, the distribution of booklets is quite easy. They can be folded to DL size and mailed easily.

When attracting new customers is a business’ purpose, booklets can achieve this end because they are more substantial and have a high quality look and feel. Essentially, booklets can serve as a mini-catalogue.

Booklets that are well-designed attract customers. Through the practical format used, information that is useful and clearly branded can be shared.

There are many good ways to market creatively with booklets and provide more value. Exchanging booklets for contact information can be a good strategy as can the display of booklets at a point of sale.

When booklets are creatively designed so that innovation is foregrounded, it is possible for a business to leverage its brand above its competitors.

5 Receipts Businesses Need to Keep

Businesses need to keep important receipts to protect themselves during an audit, according to

The following receipts are especially important to keep.

1. Meal and entertainment receipts.

Meals and drinks are often used to help win clients. However, the line between between meeting friends and business associates is often blurred, making these expenses a common target for auditors. The receipt should contain a note of who attended and the purpose of the meeting.

2. Travel expenses.

Travel is another area where the line between business and pleasure is often blurred. Receipts for accommodation, taxis, meals and tickets should distinguish between personal and business matters.

3. Vehicle related receipts.

Assets such as cars, which are used for both business and personal reasons need to have the business portion accounted for separately. This percentage can be applied against vehicle costs in any claim.

4. Gift receipts.

Items such as tickets could be treated as gifts or entertainment depending on whether the giver attends the event with the client. It’s important to document this so the accountant can categorize the receipt correctly.

SEO Right From The Start

SEO (search engine optimization) has certainly come a long way. From it’s humble beginnings to it’s complicated workings today, SEO is an important part of your website design and your marketing efforts as well.

According to Search Engine Journal, getting the top position on Google’s search results has never been so important.

The most important thing is keeping SEO in mind when building your website so that right from the start, you’re ahead of the rest:

  • Keywords. Keywords are an important element of any SEO campaign. You want to have a list of top level and long tail terms that describe your business and it’s offerings. Use Google keyword tool, Market Samurai, Moz and Google search to compile a list of keywords you’re happy with.
  • Using the keywords. Keywords must be used in your website’s title title tags, keywords and meta descriptions, domain and graphic descriptions.
  • Navigation. Use well ordered semantics with your links and internal navigation systems to ensure that when Google’s bots crawl through your website, it understands what’s there.

Signs You Need an Assistant

Signs You Need an Assistant

People should watch for the key signs that they need an assistant, said The Daily Worth’s Sandy Fernandez.

There’s lots of hard work, but few results

People often get stuck into a flood of administrative tasks with out getting their core work done. When this happens, it’s time to consider outsourcing.

Deadlines get missed

When deadlines are missed, it’s usually because the person has too much work on. Missed deadlines can sink a small business as clients need to trust that the business can deliver on its promises. Hiring a project manager or assistant can help with managing deadlines and allocating work more effectively.

Same parts of the job are uninteresting

People should consider outsourcing the parts of their business they don’t enjoy or are not good at. For instance, many people in creative roles don’t enjoy working with balance sheets and profit and loss statements, so may consider bringing in a financial expert to handle those tasks. Another option for employers is to enlist the services of a virtual assistant , who are able to take care of certain tasks from a remote location.

Virtual Offices Help Businesses Communicate Reliably

Established business enterprises with capital to spare can hire staff to communicate with clients and rent property. Start up businesses that function on a tighter budget are seeking the help of virtual offices to compete with established business rivals.

Small business expert Amy E recently published an article on the advantages that virtual office services provide to small enterprises. Amy said, “The virtual office can offer a prestigious business address for correspondence with clients.” In order to receive work, a business enterprise needs to meet with clients, and a meeting requires a meeting place. Virtual office services provide that meeting place affordably.

Telephone communications are fundamental to business interactions and telephone reliability is directly linked to business success. Virtual office services provide a telecommunication solution for emerging businesses. Centralized telephone numbers, virtual receptionists and call forwarding are all available.

As communication and reliability draws in work, the business will develop and become more complex. Virtual offices help establish business communications and reliability.

Building a Team for Your Start-Up

Entrepreneurs are usually driven and focused people who will do anything to achieve their goals, but often they need a strong team to help them on their journey. Building a team for your start-up can be a difficult process because they may not have the passion that you have.

Here are some tips from Smart Start-Up on creating a team for your new business:

  • Use your vision and passion to focus the team. When recruiting you should look for individuals who can get excited about trying something new.
  • Take your time when hiring people because a bad hire can be devastating for a start-up. You will need starter-finishers on your team, but you will also need a willingness to work together for a common goal.
  • Do not celebrate all-nighters. Whilst they may occasionally be necessary in a start-up, all-nighters are not healthy business practice. Do all you can to end this process of staying up all night working.
  • Encourage staff to take breaks during long working periods so that they do not burn out.

Getting Pest Management Right

Pest management is a topic that is kept quiet among those in the food industry, but it is crucial to have a plan in place to manage the issue.

Proactive businesses have a system in place for preventing disease-carrying pests from accessing their food, explained Food Mag.

The Australian Environment Pest Managers Association (APEMA) recently developed a guide to help firms understand what good pest management entails. The guide sets KPIs that food manufacturers can use to measure the effectiveness of their processes.

Suppliers to food manufacturers such as packaging companies are also included in the guide, to help shore up standards throughout the supply chain.

It’s hoped that the guide will also prevent disputes between food manufacturers and pest controllers by setting clear standards that firms should operate with and explaining why.

Food manufacturers are also encouraged to be more proactive as it is cheaper to prevent a pest problem than it is to treat one.

How to Make Your Creative Dreams a Reality

If you are creatively minded you will no doubt know how exciting that moment is when you get a spark of inspiration and your creative juices start to flow . But getting to that moment is not an exact science.

Fast Company provided the examples below to help you reach the jumping of point:

Follow your heart

People need to affirm the voice in their head that says they can do it. It’s important to ignore excuses and procrastination and just begin.

Turn big goals into baby steps

A project will progress better if you set yourself deadlines. It’s best to just think about the next milestone ahead rather than the end-goal.

Use creative rituals

Everyone has their creativity stoked by different factors. Some people work best late at night, others during the day. Some need a glass of wine, others a block of chocolate. It’s important to find out what works and make it a part of the process.

Say no

Following a passion means saying no to many other things, including some work and personal pursuits.